They were able to remove a fishing line stuck in the shark's mouth

They were suitable to remove a fishing line stuck in the wolf's mouth 

hey were suitable to remove a fishing line stuck in the wolf's mouth 

They were suitable to remove a fishing line stuck in the wolf's mouth 
 Who says wolf and man have to be adversaries? Several stalwart beachgoers came to the aid of a floundering wolf in Hawaii over the weekend. 
 In a videotape captured of the incident, a man pulls the wolf out of the water, and the group notices that the wolf has fish hooks and a line attached to its mouth. 
 The triad snappily cuts the line and the men carry the wolf back to the ocean. 

Sea depths and its inhabitants. Terrible and terrible deep-sea fish The sea depths are now the most inaccessible and mysterious part of our planet. It is there that today it is not yet possible to penetrate researchers and tourists, sea animals can protect from curious people. At the same time, the depths of the ocean reliably hide its inhabitants, but we managed to meet it. 

1. European Fishimius (Lophius Piscatorius)

If you ask someone to describe a beautiful worker, the easiest way to do so is to call it "falling into a queue." It would seem that his mouth is in a tail without any problems, and in principle there is no body. At the same time, all fish are covered with various growths and growths, which helps to disguise between thickets of sand and juicy vegetation. They are common in the North Sea from the North Sea at a depth of 18-550 m in the Atlantic Ocean. The dimensional dimensions are impressive - they are two meters long and weigh more than 20 kg. But it sets out to treat food. In the process of evolution of the spinal pellet its first rays were changed, into a kind of bait, fluorescent at the depth of twilight. Now he lies quietly in ambush, fluttering bait in his nose.

Naïve fish swims, and here terrible jaws appear instantly, attracting into the water risk with all its grains in its bottomless stomach. The caviar of homs is attracted by real layers almost a meter wide and nine meters long. Ikrinka lungs and climb to the surface, there the fools gradually eat and dive, under it and to the required sizes up to 5-6 years. Interestingly, in France, seashell is a popular dish, and for Jews due to the lack of scales - NOTOCHER.

2. Gaduk Fish (Chauliodus Sloani) 
Hawulid has 6 species that live in warm tropical waters. The fish is small, only up to 35 cm. But their appearance can bring even the most permanent (inclusive) hysterics. Fish violets are found at depths of up to four kilometers, although they are from 500 to 1000 meters. At night, they rise almost to the surface itself, and in the afternoon they deepen at the bottom. The body of the fish is covered with large scales and bright areas, which are used for communication. In addition, one of the rays of dorsal fins and rich workmanship has become a bait.

But the main feature of the fish is disproportionately large relative to the body head, equipped with long sharp teeth. He can turn back in the distance, and his jaw like a snake - able to move forward and down. As a result, marine inhabitants become victims three times larger. It also infects the specific structure of the esophagus, the whole body is focused on keeping any mining! After all, in the habitats of fish, prey is abundantly indistinguishable, and Hawulid can live for 12 days on one victim.

3. Alepizavr (Alepisaurus) 
For the first time, the species was described by Steller during the expedition to Kamchatka in 1741. What's more, researchers have a carcass that was discarded ashore. Later the extension of fishing began to occur more often, the material appeared for further research. It was possible to determine that the size of the fish reached 2x meters and 8 kilograms, they had large teeth and a high dorsal fin. All fish seem to be fast strong thanks to its faithful slender body and a narrow elongated head. Like many deep-water predators, Alepizavr create large movements vertically for their victims.

4. Long-legged Sabersub (Anoplogaster Cornuta) 
For almost 50 years, scientists believed, took these fish for a separate appearance. Savlesuba teenagers and adults are greatly different from each other - color, body shape, arsenal of teeth. With triangular fish with a bright, pixabe head, black, large-headed tooth predators have the longest duration between the teeth of the body. And these fish meet in the deepest water, at a depth of five kilometers and at the same time easily carry normal pressure, survive in ordinary aquariums. Yes, and long terrier predators are only 15 cm.

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