Yali Capkini Episode 14 Will you be able to leave me like this

Yali Capkini Episode 14 Will you be able to leave me like this

Yali Capkini Episode 14 English Subtitle

YALI ÇAPKINI – Will you be able to leave me like this?

In its 13th episode, Yali Çapkini broke a record with a rating of 14.62 on Total. If you take into account that his closest follower in the weekly ranking is 9.61, you can measure how big his success is. This rate is the highest rating of the last 2 years. In episode ratings, it refreshed its own record with a rating of 14.62 on Total, 11.43 in the EU and 13.09 on ABC1, reaching the highest viewing rates of the season. Episode impressions from Gözde... Enjoyable reading ^^

We concluded the last chapter when Halis Ağa learned the truth about the newspaper report from Seyran and then slapped Ferit with a well-slapped Ottoman and Ferit fell to the ground, at the feet of the servants. It was normal for a man who had been raised hand baby rose baby due to his illness until today, who had experienced psychological violence from those in the house from time to time, but who had probably never been subjected to such physical violence, to react strongly to this slap incident and not to act as if he took the violence for granted. 

Ferit's departure from home was an indication that he could no longer handle the whole of the events that unfolded after his marriage. This is a man who is forced to marry, who has been disturbed by all his order since he was promised otherwise, who has been scolded by his grandfather several times in public, who often fights with Sazan, who hears insults from him, who struggles with feelings he never knew in his life, who has a nervous breakdown under the influence of love and jealousies that blossom in his heart.

It was normal for the glass to overflow somewhere in the end—albeit through occasional faults of its own—with his pride shattered. The husbandly married man has fallen at the feet of the servants, is there anything beyond? According to Ferit, the reason for this situation was that Seyran sold him out because of a promise to go to school, and it was not difficult to guess that everyone, including him, would think so. I am especially curious about what Ferit will say to Seyran when they learn the truth. I would also like to state that I do not find it abnormal for Ferit to attribute what Seyran has been hiding all this time but not to his promise to study at university, which is Seyran's biggest dream. How many times there were fights about school, tears were shed, after all, this was the first thing that came to everyone's mind.

I was very upset that Seyran constantly blamed himself by saying "Because of me" even though he was not guilty of anything. However, it is Ferit who makes mistakes, lies, makes everyone share his lies and ignores the blank check that his grandfather offered him. Even if his lie turned out otherwise, he could have eaten this slap. It is Ferit who disappeared to punish you and your family. 

My Seyran, why do you want to make yourself pay for his mistake? Haven't you already paid the price for being taken from your nest by Kazim? Are all the insults and violence you have unjustly heard from Suna and her? Is it your fault too? Watch what happens when you are one of the most sinless people in that house, do not shoulder everyone's sin. How many times have you gathered Ferit's back, helped him with everything,

You haven't even made anyone feel that your marriage isn't real, but all the sacrifices you've made are rubbish? It's obvious that your parents ignored you because your father took you away. It doesn't even occur to them to think about how Seyran is, even if it's to ask about Ferit, to call you. It's as if you're still not Ferit's wife, but like a stranger. Although Halis Ağa says don't interfere with Kazım's takeaway, one wonders. Have you never counted this girl in your family all this time? I was especially surprised by Asuman's lack of reaction. However, how affectionate he was to Seyran.

In my opinion, Kazim had no right to take either Suna or Seyran away from the mansion. Seyran may be his daughter, but only he can decide whether his marriage to Ferit will continue or not, surname Korhan, is married. Kazim no longer has a say over Seyran, not even Suna. Although Suna lives in the same house as Desen Kazim, she is of legal age. Obviously, Halis Ağa should have prevented the girls from going with Kazim. However, I think that he could not prevent this situation due to his health condition. Ferit may have thought that they could solve this situation after they returned and the atmosphere calmed down.

How about Gülgün taking Seyran as Kazim takes his daughters out of the house, no matter how resentful he is, taking cover in front of him? We do not call Gülgün the best mother-in-law, queen for nothing. Gülgün is exactly the type of person I love, one of those who accept the other person even with their mistakes. He loved it and he is one of those who love and protect him. Therefore, everyone except Halis comes back to Ferit, and while nothing has happened to him, his anxiety has not subsided for a moment. 

Since Gülgün's attitude of blaming Seyran at the beginning is that she cannot think healthily with her maternal instinct from her motherhood, would she ever say this if she knew the truth? Gülgün is right Seyran is the daughter of that house, Kazim cannot take it away like that. He can give advice, tell his daughter that she can go back to the father's house if she wants, but he can't take her by the arm and drag her away.

Seyran 2. In the episode, the father left his house crying. Because he was not ready for marriage, for the destruction of his dreams, for the blow from Joseph. He set foot in the mansion with a sense of curiosity and uneasiness. Now he was leaving the mansion crying. Because now it was his home, his home, he was used to it, he had adopted it, he felt valued despite Ferit's misdeeds, she was really the girl of that house now. Isn't the fact that she started calling Gülgün Anne an indication of this?

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