Yali Capkini Episode 15 With English Subtitle

Yali Capkini Episode 15 With English Subtitle

Yali Capkini Episode 15 With English Subtitle
Yali Capkini Episode 15 With English Subtitle

Yali Capkini Episode 15 With English Subtitle

YALI ÇAPKINI – There is no other way

Yalı Çapkunu made a big jump in the ratings, taking the first place in the AB, Total and 20+ABC1 groups. Moreover, judging by YouTube views and repeat ratings, Yalı Çapkunu will raise its ratings much more in the next episode. (Mashallah!) Second episode impressions from Gözde... Enjoyable reading ^^

We ended the last episode when Seyran and Ferit's engagement rings were about to be worn. We opened the episode with the scene where the Korhans leave the mansion after the ring ceremony. It was obvious that Seyran, in a moment's surprise, could not sound the fact that this ring was attached to his finger. She was now confused, sad, and angry, not only for herself, but more for Suna than for herself. While everyone except Esme was laughing with happiness, Seyran was doing one of the hardest things in life, trying to laugh in their faces while they were crying blood, and only Esme cared about this state of her.

Even if Yusuf was not in his life, Seyran could not be expected to accept this marriage as quickly as Suna. Although Suna is so well educated and knowledgeable, she sees salvation as marriage, but Seyran sees salvation in being a strong individual. Moreover, Seyran thought that they wanted him because they did not like Suna. She was suffering from the fact that her sister was not liked. I think that even if the coffees didn't topple over, Ferit would find a way, whisper the same things in his mother's ear and spoil it. As soon as he saw Seyran at the door, Ferit's mind shifted to Seyran.

What use is it for Seyran to shout that he does not want this marriage as much as he wants... What does he have a say in that house? I wish it could happen, but it's impossible with mindsets like Kazim that only value men. Seyhan would not even be able to take the university exam if his teacher did not come and talk to his father, and I think he would not be sent to the university even if he got a good score. In that house, whatever Kazim says happens, even Hattuç cannot turn him away from the decisions he has made. Kazim cannot be called a father, a man who locks his daughter in rooms because he does not want to marry, and who gives punishment to leave him hungry and thirsty. I wish his mother or Suna weren't so afraid of this man and would have secretly given Seyran something. However, when Kazım heard Seyran's rebellion and rushed into the room in anger, I was really startled, Diren Polatoğulları spills out in the role of Kazım. And I think Seyran is attracted to his father in this way, and when they are both angry, his eye doesn't see anything. Suna is bland, like her mother.

Seyran was very sure that Yusuf would take a step that would prevent this work, and it was always this hope that kept him afloat when he went from place to place for the wedding procedures. But unfortunately, Yusuf was not someone who could make such sacrifices for Seyran. He loved her, but he wasn't strong enough to handle such challenges. Joseph may be called a coward, but he is more of a toy than a coward, and in fact he has a real share in what he says. Yusuf cannot cope with Kazim or Korhans, neither the child's meat nor the budu. Yes, Yusuf has now allowed Seyran to get married, but he will regret it and try to forgive himself by coming to Istanbul in some way. Let it come, it gets its air. I wondered if Seyran was loving Yusuf as the excitement of youth, but Seyran was really in love with this child, he was willing to do anything with him. Unfortunately, her last hope has faded, and her belief in love and trust in men have now been shaken. Therefore, it will take him a long time to trust and fall in love with Ferit. Let it continue, this would be more realistic, obviously.

Each scene in which Seyran and Ferit came together throughout the episode emphasized how different these two young people were. They are two young people who are very different not only in their upbringing, their lives, but also their mindsets and perspectives on life. However, like Gülgün's sentence at dinner, these two different people can balance and complement each other and form a whole when the day comes. While Seyran's outlook on life is mature from his age, Ferit's outlook on life is still from adolescence. Without exception, Ferit ridicules everything and does not take anything seriously. This is his way of life rather than his way of dealing with negativity. And he is both incredibly selfish and has a great ego, and since he is officially Ferit Korhan, he wanders as if I created small mountains. However, when you take your last name, what is left is what is important for Seyran.

If Seyran valued things like surnames, money, stamps, etc., he would not have liked Yusuf, and he would have chosen a profession that made more money than he would have asked for painting or sculpture while preparing for university. Nor does he try to understand Ferit Seyran. It doesn't matter what he feels, what he wants. To be more precise, he has coded himself that Seyran is happy with this situation, and does not even give the possibility to the contrary. And he's so far from certain things that when Seyran doesn't want to, when he tells his father that, he might think he can get out of the marriage. Can he get rid of his grandfather's decision to get married? In fact, they are both in the same situation, neither has the right to go against the decisions of their elders, and as such, they are going to play a house game together; While there is a good playmate and helping each other, Ferit is far from being able to do this.

For the time being, I loved the intense bickering in the duo's scenes. I love Seyran's ability to respond to everything Ferit says, his strong stance is not compromised, his ego-shattering attitude, his frankness. Yes, Ferit is incredibly selfish, incredibly thoughtless, but throughout the episode I found myself cursing this boy with a devil's feather while laughing at the same time. I can't tell you how I became four corners of joy unless Seyran withheld his words. But when he impersonated a cat and meowed at Seyran, I blurred Ferit's cheeks. These conflicting feelings are actually 2. It made me enjoy the episode tremendously.

I reproach Ferit, but at the same time I question the possibility that he can be a good person in essence, as they say. In fact, Ferit is not a very merciless child. When Seyran turned his head and looked like he was about to faint on the way out of the health center, he felt a sincere concern for her and accompanied him until he got into the car. But just as I said, "There may be a decent person in you, and with the presence of Seyran, this man may gradually emerge," he again tied himself to the smug snob. Am I surprised? Of course not. I don't expect someone who is so spoiled, who doesn't understand love or anything, who approaches women only for the purpose of sex, to suddenly like a girl and evolve. That would be a very utopian dream. But I wouldn't say that an estimated 24-year-old will never change either. It is a much more delayed process for men to settle their perspectives on life and to mature than women.

There are those who don't change, who always remain like babies, acknowledgement, but I haven't seen most men fully mature until their thirties. It is also a fact that children who are raised like Ferit and who are treated with a lot of protectionism cannot grow up regardless of whether they are boys or girls. Ferit was also raised with the effect of being a diabetic patient and an excessive hand baby rose baby. Maybe because he got married, he will literally start to grow when he starts to take his wings off his family. Oh before you forget, Seyran, don't soften to Ferit because he has diabetes and don't let him use this illness to make you feel sorry. I always want to watch you as such a strong young girl. We need to see strong female characters on screen.

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