Yali Capkini Episode 15 English Review

Yali Capkini Episode 15 English Review 

Yali Capkini Episode 15 English Review 

Yali Capkini Episode 15 With English Subtitle

Merry Christmas I greet you again and I greeted them in my review of episode 15

but in case there was no video I wanted to greet you again I hope you have spent a very nice Christmas Eve and

We begin with the analysis of this first advance Remember that there is my Review with my reflections of the chapter previous in case you want to hear it we see to Iran and to Kasem back in the department after this fierce fight that they maintained And here we hear him say we listen

say akazem the rope rotted and

broke up alluding to the link with

The Gorham family as if for him The

Link with the Korhams is finished

Then we see the grandfather they show us

Images of the grandfather who is in

dotted and what says the garbage does not enter

in this house I believe This is an opinion

Mine that he refers to Kasem in first

place but which is also including

In this garbage to Seirán yes is

Impressive how quickly it changes

Look like grandpa minutes ago

Iran was the apple of his eye but as

He dared to say it now

It turns into garbage that can't

set foot in the mansion and also

We see in the trailer images of Seiran

Sune and the mother sitting in one of the

Apartments are seen

very sorry are as very

shocked by what has just happened and

The voiceover of Seirán Así is heard

that we do not know if it belongs to this

scene or some other but Iran says

There is no turning back as it is already

He feels that the fight that

In the mansion will mark a before and a

later in his relationship with Ferit the

Next scenes show a

Conversation between the aunt and Kasem is from

day so apparently occurs at the

The morning after the fight and the aunt

is trying to convince Kasem or

I imagine he is reassured by

trying to get CASTEM to agree that they will go

Return to the mansion I think you do

by their own motus I don't think they will continue

I have asked her I do not know if she wants

return to the mansion 

but Kasem replies to the aunt he will have to

Kneel and ask forgiveness with him

Towards allusion to Jalis that in the middle of the

Discussion in the heat of the

Discussion had told him that he was a

envious an ungrateful who was a

very greedy person all and between other And the truth is that

All are true but in this chapter

in addition to The Displeasure I Feel

I usually feel for casem too

I began to feel some dislike for

Jalish and the aunt can't convince him

Seeming to go to the mansion to talk to

his sweetheart with his little love of the

youth and We see a conversation between chalice and the

aunt and she says Tell me what you told

Caem apparently the aunt tries to do the

same as I had done with Casemi Intenta

iron out a little rough edges but the

Grandpa answers him in no way I will go

To see Kasem would give the impression that

The aunt's good intentions remain

Not at all because we see images in which

She leaves Kase's room not

Jalis very angry who apparently does not

She achieved her peace mission and we listened to her

his voiceover saying you want me

niece go through the same thing you go through the same thing you me

you made it happen Although Granny

want to throw holy water and want it

We do not know that in his

Youth in his young years Mr. Al

apparently it was quite Bravo I think

They have someone to go out to and

behaved very badly with the aunt apparently

It is still not known very well how the

history but it made her excited and

He made promises that in the end he fulfilled the

illusion in vain in some way and

that touches me is that she follows him

loving and actually spent the night in the

hospital acting as a nurse

Caring for him solicitously I in his place

I would have put La chata de sombrero

But the aunt has a personality more

peaceful and continues to Love him despite

all the damage he caused to

Below we see images of Suna and A

Beijing They are talking at the

mansion apparently a company to the aunt

to talk to Jalis and the one who attends

This cenes and facat that directs them a

Diabolical look as if to say to me

ruining the plans and remember that

the plans of

Let Suna Become in the mistress

Fuat passenger so I can give you

a son Those are the plans so

Ipaca altruists below we see

A Ferit in the department of Cassein

we see that all are clothed with the

same way so I guess

ferit after the impact of Iran

Leaving the mansion reacts and goes to

look for it ferit accompanied by fuat and

He enters the GRI apartment very angry.

Where is my wife the very expensive

when when it suits you will go is your

wife when it does not suit him or when it does not

it seems good to you answer healthy That is, no

I'll elaborate more on it afterwards.

A struggle with Kasem and Ferit Lo is coming.

push and go in search of will go and

He says first Ceylon speaks and tells him that

Go Go Tell What Ferit Tells

answer I will go but with you and here is

Firm Iran responds I won't leave with you

and the chapter ends with a scene in

the one we have shaved after the game

of follow he is in his room and

apparently he is having I don't know if a

panic attack or an insanity attack

But it does give the impression that the

ducklings mess up with Ferit lo


gone and the voiceover of his

Mom comforting him and telling him not to know

worry that everything will be okay the

Ideal wife for the Korghan family

She would be a deaf blind woman and blind mute

and deaf to turn a blind eye to

all the blunders of Ferit and

Move to comply with the orders of the

grandpa without a whisper So

could give for Christmas to Ferit a

inflatable doll that makes him a wife and so

Peace will reign in the mansion A

End the advance with some images

fleeting in which we see Iran and

Ferit in a decoration house

buying Christmas items apparently

but it's pretty weird scenes not

We know if Ferit is imagining them in

your ravings or if they really occur

if they really resort to both

I'm very happy so there would be a

Reconciliation and also seen a

children who would give the impression that

were ferit and will leave in their childhood Thus

I don't know what you think these

Images occur in reality or are

Delusions of Ferit girls until here the

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