Yali Capkini Episode 15 is Another Life Possible

Yali Capkini Episode 15 is Another Life Possible?

Yali Capkini Episode 15 is Another Life Possible
Yali Capkini Episode 15 is Another Life Possible

Yali Capkini Episode 15 is Another Life Possible?

Yali Capkini Episode 15 English Subtitle

Yali Çapkunu was on my radar a few months ago as the cast began to be announced. When the photos from the series came, I said, "I look at this series," and after the trailers, I started to say, "I will definitely watch this series and I can even interpret it weekly." As of the first episode, I can say that I love the series. Yes, the main story is quite similar to some of the series we have watched before, but the clichés that are presented well always make you watch. Yalı Çapkini also managed to attract attention with its six fully written characters, the team whose work I liked in the projects they took part in before, the good actors and the main couple whose harmony I loved.

The plot of Yalı Çapkını's is as follows: Yalı Çapkını, the pillar of the Korhan Family from Gaziantep, will be about the events that will develop when Halis Ağa (Çetin Tekindor) decides to marry Ferit (Mert Ramazan Demir), the grandson of the hand baby rose baby raised.

In the first episode, the series focused on the lives of two separate families from Gaziantep in Istanbul and Gaziantep and the events that intersected them. Although the lives of these two families seem different, both families are still similar in that they adhere to traditions. For example, Halis Ağa wants to marry his grandson Ferit, whom he is tired of his flirtatiousness, in an arranged manner like his son Orhan, while Kazım expects a good fortune for his daughters Suna and Seyhan. Korhanlar, who live a modern life, still get up and look at the girl in the bridal bath in the country. Hattuç can go to that bath with the girls for years.

Beautiful Seyran. She is a young girl who has grown up with her older sister Suna and her mother Esme for years being subjected to psychological and physical violence by Kazım and Hattuç. Like Suna, she lives with the dream of getting out of that house one day, but her dream is different from that of her sister. He wants to study at university and stand on his own two feet. Although he loves Yusuf, Seyhan's priority is not to marry him, but to study at university. He does not believe that marriage alone is salvation, that it gives strength to a woman because she has an example like her mother in front of her. It even made me think at times that he was against marriage. Unlike her sister and mother, she doesn't want to live the life her father imposed. While they eat the leftovers of the table with great appetite without complaint, Seyran can often rebel against this situation and stay hungry. Afra Saraçoğlu suited the role of Seyran very well. The last time I saw him was in the Yeşilçam series. He developed his acting even more.Yali Capkini 15 English

Suna is just one of dozens of young girls who believe that marriage is salvation from her father's house. A young girl whose story we know in some way, who we have heard, who we have seen. I felt even more sad watching him, not just because of what was portrayed in the show, but because I knew that in reality there were such girls. For Suna, no man can be worse than his life in that house. She wants to be so many brides that she does not raise her voice against anything called customary custom, which actually humiliates her, and trembles with excitement in front of İfakat, who is the seer for Ferit. Beril Pozam suited the role of Suna very well. I loved Sevil, whom she portrayed in the Baba series and with whom we said goodbye early, and I loved Suna very much.

Suna and Seyran have been very convincing as sisters and sisters who love each other very much. If Suna had really been the first girl to get married, she would have taken Seyran with her, and she would have saved her brother from that house. I don't think we're going to see the usual clichés in their relationship. Suna does not look like a girl who will be hostile to her brother because they wanted Seyran at the last moment. On the contrary, she is an altruistic sister who will do her best to be happy in the married life in which she is unintentionally involved.

Seyran, Suna and their mother Esme are not the wives of their homes in all the wealth, but their servants. Kazim has that much money, but he makes his wife and daughters suffer from poverty. How can a person not sit at the same table with his blood and soul, with his children, with his wife, with whom he rests on the same pillow? How does it force them to eat what's left of their meals? When there are so many sausages, bacon, cheeses, packaged chocolates in a locked closet, how can these people be forced to steal a packet of chocolates and eat them? What is it to not employ anyone at home for the sake of torment, to have mothers and daughters do all the work? What is it to wash the dishes by hand instead of buying a dishwasher? Kazim,

she literally dresses her up to market her daughters, dresses them up to find a rich fortune, and sends them to the bazaar; hollow store bags are filled with heavy food. Officially a theater is played every week. Esme can only feel like a wife and a lady in these bazaar visits, how painful it is... Suna can't even wear an outfit she likes, because it's forbidden! Even if he likes it and wants to buy it, he has to say otherwise because the order is from the big place. Indeed, in such a life, one wants to give both brothers the right to their dreams and support them.

Hattuç and Kazım, who made them experience this, became the characters I hated the most among the series I watched for a while. I could drown them both in a spoonful of water. They are the types to stick their heads right on the wall. Normally, girls' first love is always their father, and our daughters hate them. Will your son have a daughter, a man? Is it not enough to have a healthy son and a good son? Imagine that your father hugs and kisses you for the first time, perhaps because you just found a good fortune. Joy, surprise, feeling valued, but at the same time you are a stranger to this situation.Yali Capkini 15

This Kazim also insults Esme because she gave birth to a girl. Be ignorant of Allah, the chromosomes that determine the sex of the baby come from you. The role of Hattuç is played by Şerif Sezer, an indispensable member of Konaklı TV series. Officially, such roles stuck to him. ^^ But I think I hated the character he played for the first time. Diren Polatoğulları immediately erased the previous role with the role of Kazım. I hope that Seyran and Suna will never forgive them when their lives change.

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