Kardeslerim Episode 76 English Subtitles Release Date

Kardeslerim Episode 76 English Subtitles

Kardeslerim 76 English Subtitles
Kardeslerim Episode 76 English Subtitles

Kardeslerim Episode 76 English Subtitles Release Date

Summary of Episode 76: 

"We used to bloom beautifully, but we were planted in the wrong soil..." Sarp's injury caused important developments on the Ahmet and Ömer front, while Akif struggled to destroy Ayla's voice recording.  While Asiye and Doruk are in danger of being arrested;  Orhan takes a surprise decision that will make the Eren family very happy .  While Nebahat continues to try different ways to keep Doruk away from Asiye , Yasmin 's brotherly bond with Ömer grows stronger day by day , and Yasmin 's move against Asiye leads to an unexpected result .  My brothers , season 3 is on atv with new episodes on Saturday evenings !

A very strong rival series is coming to the Gönül Dağı and Kardeslerim series

Detail – In 2023, television channels began to broadcast one soldier series after another. First, the series called Al Sancak started on TRT1. Starting Saturday, January 28, you will encounter Fox TV's new soldier series Dokuz Oğuz.

Saturday nights are dominated by the Gönül Dağı series and this situation has not changed for 3 seasons. The series My Brothers, which is broadcast on the atv screen, is also receiving very successful ratings and has won the love of millions. On such an important day, Fox TV will try to attract viewers with its new series Dokuz Oğuz.

The shooting of the series, which will be reflected on the screen as the struggle of 9 heroic soldiers, started in Ankara. His team is expected to continue its way by shooting scenes in mountainous areas in different cities of the country such as Istanbul, Bilecek and Afyon.

Süleyman Çobanoğlu is the author of the Dokuz Oğuz series, which brings together Kubilay Aka and Yasemin Allen in the lead role. Viewers will remember the screenwriter from the soldier series Warrior, which lasted for 5 seasons before.

Fox TV now wants to replace the Warrior series, which is known as a successful 5-year process, with the Dokuz Oğuz project.

The fact that the first episode of the series will be broadcast on Saturday, January 28 will also delight the viewers.

But getting ratings on Saturday nights isn't that easy. The Gönül Dağı series on TRT1 is having a very successful 3rd season by receiving double-digit ratings.

The My Brothers series is also the most trusted production of ATV and is very effective in social media, receiving good ratings.

Both series have a loyal audience as they have been on the screen for 3 seasons. In such an environment, it is difficult to predict how much attention the new soldier series named Dokuz Oğuz will receive.

Wherever there is a Turk, the action tempo of the new series, which will tell the story of the "Oğuz Timi" that will fight for the Turk, will never decrease.

In the legend of the Turkish soldier over two thousand years, the series will tell the epic story of a new summit reached and the cast includes important names such as Deniz Işın, Hakan Boyav, Tuncer Salman and Dağhan Külegeç in the cast.

While the criticism of the Kardeslerim series is increasing, the high ratings hide the problems!

The series My Brothers, which is broadcast on Saturday nights on ATV, is again getting very successful ratings with its third season. The fact that the series came very close to double-digit rates in the all-people category and progressed steadily is considered a great success.

The young actors of the series are also constantly on the agenda of social media. Great interest continues for young actors such as Onur Seyit Yaran, Su Burcu Yazgı Coşkun, Recep Usta, Melis Minkari, Yiğit Koçak and Lizge Cömert, who shine thanks to the series.

Both the great successes achieved in the ratings and the fact that the series is constantly at the forefront in social media and far ahead of its competitors prevent some problems from emerging.

In the third season of My Brothers, criticism that the story is now repeating itself has also started to attract attention on social media. Many series fans, who express that they cannot experience the excitement in the released trailers when they watch the episodes, are surprised that the interest is high despite the weakening of the story.

The screenwriters of the series should not have the perception that everything is fine due to this great interest and they need to make some innovations to enrich the story.

Fans of the series, who have been following the series My Brothers since the very beginning, drew attention to this contrast by saying, "The worse the episode, the better the ratings are as well."

It is a very important achievement that the series My Brothers has achieved good results in all audience groups and has approached double digit rates in the whole people category.

However, it is an important detail for the continuation of the project that the screenwriters take seriously the criticism that the story is now far from satisfying the audience. If the screenwriters enrich the story, it seems possible that the My Brothers series will be on the screen in the fourth season and will achieve success.

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