Kizilcik Serbeti Episode 15 English Subtitles

Kizilcik Serbeti Episode 15 English Subtitles

Kizilcik Serbeti 15 English Subtitles
Kizilcik Serbeti Episode 15 English Subtitles

Kizilcik Serbeti Episode 15 English Subtitles



The nature versus nurture debate has been discussed for centuries. Medical scholars and philosophers believe that we are born with certain characteristics arising from genetics. Our eye and hair color, for example, or our height. Certain diseases are passed down. In addition, it is also thought that we inherit certain personality traits from our parents. However, besides nature, scholars believe that the environment we are raised in and the behaviors we are exposed to as children also play an extremely significant role in our personalities. This is the nurture part of the equation. Alev Arslan, in KIZILCIK SERBETI, is a character whose personality lends itself to discussion from the perspective of the nature versus nurture theory.

Alev is another one of the authentic people of this dizi whom we can find in our daily lives and, I daresay, in our families. She is one of our siblings ; one of those sisters in our midst, who is doomed to go through life as completely misunderstood. One line out of her mouth is enough to embarrass us while there are times that her actions infuriate us. Even if we love our sister deeply, we may wish to distance ourselves from her for the sake of peace and social criticism.

Although intelligent and witty, creative and knowledgeable, fun loving and giving, Alev always seems to say or do the wrong thing. Even though Kivilcim and she are raised by the same parents, they differ from each other intrinsically. 

In the last episode, a flashback reveals that as a child, Alev was naughty ; a child who tested the boundaries. However, her mischief was not malicious.  She is described as being quite the opposite from her older sister, Kivilcim, who always behaved, followed rules and was successful academically. In response to her naughty behavior, Alev is scolded by Sonmez and compared incessantly to Kivilcim, not just by Sonmez but by Sonmez's friends. It is obvious that a pattern of behavior follows Alev as from a child into adulthood, she is measured against her sister. Not being able to compete with Kivilcim, Alev seeks negative attention in order to draw recognition or awareness and to differentiate herself from Kivilcim. The spotlight is on Alev but for the wrong reasons. 

Before the wedding of Doga and Fatih, she sweeps in to help with the organization. Attention seeking risk taker that she is, she organizes an all girls prenuptials party for Doga and causes a stir within the Unal family and an argument between Doga and Fatih when she instructs Cinem to post pictures of the event on social media. Alev considers this a little act of rebellion against the old fashioned henna practices adhered to by Pembe. For the wedding reception, she hires a Brazilian dance group to provide entertainment. Once again, Alev chooses this for its shock value and mischief. Mostly, she hopes to send a message to the new family that the Arslan women will not succumb to these conservative ideas. She believes that she is being helpful and supportive of her way of life. 

However, Alev does not register the significance or consequences her inappropriate decisions hold for Kivilcim, Doga and for the Unal family, too. She sees her folly as a humorous, cheeky method of embarrassing the traditionalists : Alev's little act of revenge. Unfortunately, it ruins Doga's wedding and makes Kivilcim and Sonmez appear ridiculous while feeding into the prejudices held about secular families. Worst of all, her actions serve to reinforce Kivilcim and Sonmez' opinion that Alev will never change or mature. Once again, she pitches herself against her own family and gets labeled as an immoral kook in the eyes of the Unal family.

Whenever Alev bungles things, she needs to apologize and in her life, this has become a hackneyed pattern. After the wedding fiasco, Alev apologizes to her own family and to Abdullah Unal. Alev's apology creates even more mischief and misunderstanding on both fronts. Besides finding herself in a position where her mother and sister reluctantly trust her around the Unals, her exchange with Abdullah leads Pembe to incorrectly assume that Abdullah and Alev are having an affair. Sonmez is forced once again to scold Alev for her poor choices and judgment, even in how she has carried out her apology. It is as if Alev cannot do anything right, as hard as she tries ;  in her mother's eyes, she is always lacking. 

A frustrated Alev sighs and accepts her fate to always be misunderstood.

Alev holds a natural, rather innocuous resentment for Kivilcim ; her real problem is with her mother, Sonmez. Apparently, Alev has had an affair, in the past, with a married man. We are not aware of the details except that Alev loved him very much. The significance in the story of this past indiscretion is that Sonmez continues to judge Alev and remind her of this sin. She has not forgiven her and the sin lurks between mother and daughter. Alev is hurt because of her mother's inability to forgive her and move past. She wishes her mother could just accept her for the person she is, flaws and all, and not compare her to Kivilcim or to some other image Sonmez might want for her.

This underlying friction with Sonmez, the constant criticism and dissatisfaction from her mother, her failure to meet a man to love her truthfully has probably led Alev to be charmed by Abdullah. He represents wisdom, quiet strength, understanding, and kindness. She regards him as a pillar of strength ; a father figure which perhaps she has never had. Most of all, Alev perceives that Abdullah is one of the few people who does not misunderstand her even though people keep telling her she is sending out the wrong messages regarding Abdullah. In contrast with Sonmez, he is able to see past her silly, inappropriate mistakes. His suspended  judgment and his discerning mind detects who she really is and he is willing to give her a chance to succeed in her business. 

Abdullah apprehends her humor and spirit, her appreciation for life and that Alev is a wholesome authentic person at heart. Abdullah is a great judge of character. Alev's friendship with him may quite possibly provide the catalyst for her inner growth. Amity towards this misunderstood young woman from this truly religious and traditional man, might send a powerful message about overcoming prejudice and tolerance to the members of both families.

In her environment, Alev has grown up with scolding, sibling comparison and the feeling that she has somehow been at fault for something or other. It does not appear that she grew up with praise for her achievements. Nothing seems to have changed for her mother and sister towards the adult Alev. Although they love her and support her as a family member, in their mind, they still view adult Alev like child Alev. There are times when she is almost dismissed or made to feel idiotic when she  doesn't know how to act in social situations regarding religion or other customs. 

Her actions create a range of responses in those around her, whether from her own environment or from Pembe's. Looks of annoyance, frustration, embarrassment, laughter, Alev bears the brunt. No wonder she has no desire to share her feelings when it is obvious she will receive a reprimand or a criticism. Pride prevents her from sharing business problems. Luckily, both her nieces feel free to confide in her and are happy for her open mind. One way that Alev has coped with her familial environment is by putting space between herself, Kivilcim and Sonmez. Many times she has just allowed them to think the worst of her. Very significantly, she has never displayed bitterness. Alev, at heart, is a kind, accepting person.

There is no doubt that Alev's behavior stems from inherited traits but there is just as much certainty that the way she was nurtured in her childhood environment has impacted her personality greatly. Sonmez played a significant role then and she continues to do so. It would be wonderful if Sonmez, who truly loves and cares for her, could forgive, forget and accept her beautiful daughter for the positive, mischievous, lively creature that she is. Alev is Alev !



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