Kizilcik Serbeti Episode 14 English Subtitle

Kizilcik Serbeti Episode 14 English Subtitle

Kizilcik Serbeti 14 English Subtitle
Kizilcik Serbeti Episode 14 English Subtitle

Kizilcik Serbeti Episode 14 English Subtitles Summary /SPOILERS / Preview



As we are aware, a great deal of why we enjoy  KIZILCIK SERBETI sprouts from the relatable and quite normal characters that make up this story. One of these characters is Nilay. By no means charming, she is still very authentic and anyone in a large family will recognize her as the petty, jealous, insecure, awkward and cunning sister-in-law who flourishes and thrives on gossip whilst creating little intrigues to benefit herself or her husband.

Before Fatih brings Doga as his bride, Nilay's position in the family is pretty much inconsequential and certainly without comparison. However, once Doga arrives, inevitably, Nilay undergoes the test of comparison with Doga. Two more different sisters-in-law there cannot be. Subconsciously recognizing her own inadequacies in relation to Doga, Nilay makes it her business to expand her silly antics from other members of the household and direct them at Doga and Fatih. Nilay feels the need to compete for self preservation of Mustapha and herself in the family.Her perception that they are now a threat to her and Mustapha intensifies Nilay's usual insecurities and jealousies. Latent feelings of dissatisfaction plague her as well. In response to these personal inner feelings, Nilay steps up her habitual, unacceptable behavior and eventually embarks on a dangerous action which can have a dire outcome.

Nilay has become part of the Unal family through her arranged marriage to Mustapha, the oldest son. Even before we learn how Nilay has come to be the first daughter-in-law of the family, we sense that she somehow does not fit the image of the type of wife Pembe would have chosen for her son. On numerous occasions, Pembe seems out of patience with her or rolls her eyes at Nilay's remarks. Pembe tries her best to calm and reinforce Nilay while tolerating her barbs. In reality, these barbs register Nilay's fears, jealousy and desires for the things she covets. Moreover, Nilay's behavior towards Doga and others in the household suggest to us that she is not a very likable individual. 

The flashback that is provided for us in episode eleven confirms everything we have suspected both about Nilay's basic personality and Pembe's true opinion of her. When we regard the information about Nilay's background, how and why she has married into the family and the threat she perceives from Doga and Fatih's marriage, we are able to fully absorb Nilay's behavior.

Nilay does not come from a privileged family or, necessarily, a devoutly religious one. Before the matchmakers and Nilay enter the Unal house for a first meeting, they put Nilay on notice and emphasize to her that the family is very religious and wealthy and she should act humbly. In and of itself, it is not important that Nilay chooses not to wear a head covering, but it is strange that she has not succumbed to the example of Pembe and Nursema. This decision might suggest that Nilay is far less compliant than she appears and she acquiesces in word only to the religious traditions of the family. 

If she can manage to make the naive son like her, she is told, she will be set for life. In addition to being from a poor family, Nilay is not educated either and she does not possess any other skills. Her education only consists of some cooking and sewing classes at a vocational school. Nilay, though, seems to have escaped helping her mother-in-law or Nursema in the kitchen which is surprising given she has no other activities to occupy her save her charity. One of her early goals is to solidify Mustapha's position within the company. To achieve this, she schemes to create an opportunity for her brother to become a suitor for Nursema thinking that with her brother a member of the family, she would have an ally.

The flashback confirms that Nilay is not a favored choice. At the first meeting, Pembe rejects her as unfit and later, she reports to Abdullah that " her eyes dart back and forth ". Pembe is not wrong in her observation that Nilay possesses a furtive personality. During the first encounter with Pembe, Nilay uses the supposed need to visit the toilet as an opportunity to surreptitiously surveil the house. As fate would have it, the naive Mustapha who is arriving back home meets Nilay in the front hall. Nilay immediately uses her guile to charm the unsuspecting Mustapha. After Nilay's flattery, no amount of convincing by his mother alters his opinion about whom he should accept as his wife. Nilay has tied Mustapha to her as Pembe incomprehensibly understands. As the dizi progresses, Mustapha's adherence to Nilay's whims and desires is very evident.

From the first scenes in which we meet Nilay, it is obvious that she is like a foreign body in the Unal family. Although she has no skills to speak of, she is a polished eavesdropper and keen observer of what is going on in the house. Her motive is simple : use information in order to treacherously create drama and trouble for others while signaling her virtues to Abdullah or to Pembe in order to gain favor. However, she does not exclude Pembe and Abdullah as her targets, if the need arises. After she is caught eavesdropping outside Fatih and Doga's room, Abdullah tries to warn her of the evils of such habits. Although she claims to have understood the error of her ways, she incorrigibly continues at every opportunity to poke her nose into the business of others, especially Doga. Only sensing that something is amiss sends her into investigative mode. 

One of her methods to achieve her ends is to drop comments that are incendiary and which put people in an awkward and uncomfortable position. The temporary enjoyment and satiation she receives from seeing her victims squirm is immense and quite evident on her face. One classic example of this behavior is her relentless mission to understand what is wrong with Pembe following Pembe's accusation of Alev. She inserts uncomfortable words during dinner conversations in order to embarrass or place Pembe in an untenable position with Abdullah wherein Pembe must explain what is bothering her.

The person of most interest to Nilay though is Doga. Fascinated by Doga's outings and the bags she carries into the house, she enters Doga and Fatih's room to search out answers to her curiosity. When she discovers that Doga is returning to classes at the university, she makes it her business to find a way to create mischief between Fatih and Doga. Mostly, she wants to expose Doga as a liar, an unsuitable wife. To lend a just importance to her actions, she employs Abdullah and Mustafa in her plan to expose Doga's secret. She purports to seek Abdullah's advice on what constitutes a legitimate reason to reveal a secret. When she secures what she construes as an approval, she goes to Mustafa and convinces him he must tell his brother what Doga is doing behind his back. 

Mustapha's hesitation is met by her argument that Father Abdullah agrees. Nilay succeeds in creating a terrible argument and a near divorce between Doga and Fatih. When her role in it is revealed, she has the perfect excuse. As Abdullah has sanctioned her actions, she is absolved of any sin she concludes. Nilay feels no pangs of conscience whatsoever for creating such a serious argument between a husband and wife. In addition, she totally admits that the parable Abdullah tells her in the aftermath, as a lesson to her, has not been understood at all. Nilay may be cunning but she is not smart.

A major source of antagonism felt by Nilay against Doga is probably rooted in the circumstances surrounding Doga's advent and acceptance into the family. Fatih has acted in a manner anathema to the Unal family. The girl he is marrying is not from a match but from a modern family. Fatih has had premarital relations with her. Nilay is incredulous that Doga is immediately accepted and tolerated. More importantly, Doga is pregnant and the center of their attention.The whole situation is like an incomprehensible slap to someone like Nilay. 

Even though Mustapha and she have been married for several years, Nilay remains without a child. The arrival of a child into the family from Fatih and Doga, who were not even trying to get pregnant, must be hurtful for Nilay. The constant discussions regarding Doga's hormones, doctor's visits, ultrasound imagery, baby names and ultimately the gender of twins, no less, understandably produces jealousy and heartache in Nilay. It is no surprise that a person harboring Nilay's insecurities hides her true emotions by being defensive and nasty. The situation might test a person of a more agreeable disposition.

It is not surprising then when her mischief against Doga continues as the subject about the nursery and its furnishings is discussed. Nilay's first reaction is to try and underscore the need to commence with furniture at such an early stage. Extremely curious about what wallpaper has been chosen for the twins, Nilay examines the nursery in secret. The delight and excitement that she can incite Pembe to react against the images of animal caricatures on the wallpaper is palpable, especially as among them are amusing pig caricatures. 

She foments Pembe by making reference to the objection their religion has on the subject of swine.Pembe proceeds to rip the wallpaper, which Doga has chosen, off the wall of the nursery and Nilay abets her in this act of cruelty, jealousy and stupidity. Nilay has succeeded, yet one more time, to create pain and unhappiness for Doga around a very joyous occasion. The horrible altercation which ensues between Doga and Fatih is likely to have lasting consequences which are still unknown. 

Most of Nilay's behavior and reactions are born from her insecurity and jealousy, as we have encountered in the examples above. However, Nilay acts out of vanity and self interest too. She is not beneath duping Mustapha either, as in the case of the money she gave to the charity she belongs to in order to enhance her social position. The greatest treachery and folly she has embarked upon, however, has stemmed from her jealousy that Fatih has become a partner with his father-in-law. Although it is perfectly clear from Abdullah and Mustapha himself  that Fatih has entered this partnership with his own funding, Nilay is unable to get past the fact that Fatih might be pulling ahead of his brother in business ; that Fatih is displaying independence. 

Due to her need to compete and her desire to feel that she and Mustapha can also act independently, she convinces Mustapha to buy the yacht he has just refurbished for sale by appealing to Mustapha's natural sibling rivalry with Fatih. She also plays on Mustapha's desire to prove to his father that he can successfully complete this project. 

Not in possession of the funds to make the purchase, Nilay and Mustapha borrow the greatest portion of the money from a loan shark recommended by Nilay's brother. As if these significant reasons aren't enough, Nilay thinks owning the yacht will increase her standing and allure among the social set she aspires to being a part of. In episode twelve, Mustapha and Nilay  encounter the first threat from the loan shark for payment. Neither Mustapha nor Nilay have understood the terms of the repayment schedule. Nilay's recklessness will cost the company and more significantly further damage Mustapha's already troubled psyche and feelings of failure and inadequacy in his father's eyes.

Nilay's intense stares, darting eyes, barbed words, innuendo, lies, and skulking around are not attractive qualities. It is not easy to like her or accept her follies and character flaws. Certainly, she is not an easy person to share a house with. Her character and habits are ingrained and it is unlikely that a person like Nilay will ever change. Although not an evil person, she will always be a victim of her own insecurity, jealousy, lack of education and limited intelligence. Lucky for her, fate has brought her into a family where she is set for life, as the matchmakers said.



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