Omer Episode 2 English Subtitles Release Date

Omer Episode 2 English Subtitles

Omer Episode 2 English Subtitles
Omer Episode 2 English Subtitles

Omer Episode 2 English Subtitles Release Date

Those who saw Merve Dizdar in the series Ömer were surprised, and the first congratulations came from her partner in Masumlar Apartmanı!

Detay – Star TV's new series Ömer was on the screen with its first episode on Monday last week. The series, the second part of which will be broadcast tonight, was liked by the viewers, and one of the prominent roles in the series was the character of Nisa.

The series, directed by Cem Karcı and produced by OGM Pictures, is based on the Israeli series Shitsel on Netflix. Written by Gülizar Irmak, Ömer stars Selahattin Paşalı, Gökçe Bahadır and Barış Falay, as well as Merve Dizdar, with a remarkable role.

Gökçe Bahadır plays Gamze, who returns to her neighborhood after years and falls in love with Ömer, the son of the mosque teacher, Selahattin Paşalı plays Ömer, Barış Falay plays Ömer's father Reşat, and Merve Dizdar plays Nisa, Ömer's older sister with 5 children. Featuring Zerrin Sümer, Gülçin Kültür Şahin, Onur Bilge, Gamze Karaduman, Serpil Gül, Muharrem Türkseven and Melike Güner, Merve Dizdar once again impresses her!

Merve Dizdar, an actress with a theater background, gained her fame on the screen with the series Masumlar Apartmanı. She was loved by the viewers with her character Gülben in the series that lasted two seasons on TRT1 and was quoted from a real life story. Dizdar, who is highly appreciated for her successful acting, is now known to everyone about her friendship with Ezgi Mola, who plays the role of her sister in this series.

While the two successful actors poured out with their mutual scenes, they were engraved in memory as Gülben and Safiye. After Merve Dizdar's Masumlar Apartmanı, where she made her acting talk, her return to the screen with Ömer was very different! This is how Ezgi Mola showed her support for her co-star on social media...

This time she is on the screen as the character of Nisa, who marries a man her family does not want and is abandoned with her 5 children. Dizdar managed to win everyone's admiration once again in the first episode of the Ömer series! With her acting, she really convinced the audience that she was Nisa, who had 5 children, who was trying to stand up despite being crushed in her unhappy marriage, and who burned everyone with her sad story.

Merve Dizdar, who stated in an interview that Nisa was a very strong character and lived a very difficult life when she first read the script, said, "For example, we saw that her husband never believed that he left with five children... It's the effect of a shock, she can't believe that someone she really loves is doing this to her. Nisa is a strong woman who has taken responsibility for her five children and can pursue what she believes in."

Nisa managed to become the prominent name of the Ömer series in the first episode. One of the biggest reasons for this situation is Merve Dizdar's clear, realistic and natural acting. Many viewers posted on social media, "She made us believe she was a woman with 5 children! With the expression on your face, your posture, your attitude, you think it's really Nisa."

While Merve Dizdar returned to the screen very strongly with the series Ömer, she revealed that the place of this series in her career would be very different from the first episode!

Merve Dizdar became the spokesperson of the great ordeal of women with the series Ömer!

There is now a series of Ömer on the Star TV screen, which deeply affects the viewers on Monday nights, and Merve Dizdar stands out as one of the most important names of this production.

The actress, who is still in the memories with her character Gülben in the series Masumlar Apartmanı, has now appeared before millions of viewers with a completely different female character after this great success for 2 seasons. In the process of Merve Dizdar embracing the spirit of the character, you can see that she herself was greatly influenced by the character of Nisa.

The character Nisa, who has five children and clings to life by protecting the values she believes in, is shocked when she is abandoned by her husband one day. She doesn't want to believe it, but she is faced with the biggest ordeal of many women in life: taking care of their children alone.

Playing such a character emerged as a very important role in Merve Dizdar's view of life. While the series Ömer received good ratings as a successful project, Merve Dizdar also showed a strong acting.

For Nisa, who is married and has five children, which her father did not approve of, the famous actress commented:

"Ever since I first read our script, I think Nisa is a very strong character. He lives a very difficult life, so we often saw the moments when he felt sadness and sadness in our first episode. For example, we saw that his wife never believed that he would leave with five children. It's the effect of a shock, he can't believe someone he really loves is doing it to him."

The character of Nisa, who has examples in real life and represents women who sacrifice their lives for their children, brought an important experience opportunity to Merve Dizdar.

The actress said that the character gave her strength: "Nisa is a strong woman who has taken responsibility for her five children and can pursue what she believes in. I can understand that wonderfully mature woman in Nisa as I share her story and read it. This gives me strength as Merve."

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