Sipahi Episode 5 English Will Canan be able to solve the great mystery

Sipahi Episode 5 English Will Canan be able to solve the great mystery

Sipahi Episode 5 English
Sipahi Episode 5 English Will Canan be able to solve the great mystery

Sipahi Episode 5 English Will Canan be able to solve the great mystery

The second promo has been released from the new episode of Show TV's CNP Film series 'Sipahi', produced by Mehmet Canpolat and Sadi Canpolat and starring Kaan Yıldırım, Özge Gürel and Kerem Alışık, which will be screened tomorrow night.

As tensions mount after the invitation night, Goran continues his ruthless plans unabated. While the moments when Ali, Ivan and Habtor are at the same table attract attention, the weapons drawn increase the excitement. Striking developments are eagerly awaited.

The militants who stormed the Hartman Foundation ball wounded Goran and Yildirim, but their real goals are different. Will the perpetrators of the terrorist attack achieve their goals? Jasmin, who decides to flee to Turkey for the treatment of his daughter Dora, asks Canan for help.

Will Canan be able to bring them safely to Istanbul? Canan, who investigates the attack at the Hartman Foundation, wonders who Yıldırım is who shot the militant in the forehead and reaches the name of Yıldırım Tunalı from Narin. How did an ordinary man shoot a fierce militant in the middle of his forehead, will Canan be able to solve this mystery? Amy, a dangerous British female agent whom a Russian arms smuggler meets, gives Ivan a card.

The person on this card, which is the information of someone who needs to be eliminated urgently, is also closely related to Ali, but no one knows about it yet. The Sipahi team devises a clever plan to access the QR coded card that British agent Amy gave to Ivan. Will Ali be able to access the information he wants in this dangerous operation?

Sipahi is in the strong cast of Sipahi, written by Ali Doğançay and directed by Hakan İnan. Sinan Tuzcu, Başak Gümülcinelioğlu, Erkan Bektaş, Nurettin Sönmez, Çağdaş Onur Öztürk, Serhat Nalbantoğlu, Emre Bulut, Ece Dizdar, Gözde Okur, Elit Andaç Çam İnan, Zeynep Oymak, Berrin Arısoy, İsmail Düvenci and Selçuk Borak.

In the Sipahi series, the expectation is high and the rating is low, and there is a criticism of Özge Gürel!

Özge Gürel, Kaan Yıldırım and Kerem Alışık play the lead roles. 4 episodes of the Sipahi series, which is broadcast on Monday nights on Show TV, met with the viewers. The goal was to achieve the success of the Guild series, which has been going on for 3 seasons and has received very good ratings.

However, this goal of the creators of the Sipahi series does not seem to have been realized for now. In fact, much more needs to be done for Sipahi to reach the point where a very effective action series like the Guild has arrived.

Even if a beautiful image is displayed with two influential lead actors such as Kaan Yıldırım and Özge Gürel, the audience must be curious about the script as much as the story and its presentation.

According to many viewers, the Sipahi project is mentioned as a production that copies the Guild series. Of course, we should not be unfair to those who work, but there are reasons why viewers experience this feeling deeply.

Those who watch the series find it very complicated and say that they are confused. In other words, although the established order looks beautiful, the story did not affect the audience so much.

Although fans who saw Özge Gürel for the first time in the action series were pleased with this, criticism of the character of Canan on social media is also increasing. Even the starring role of a name like Özge Gürel, who has a very large fan base abroad, was not enough to save the Sipahi series.

With below-average ratings, it's clear that things aren't going very well. The wanted criminal in the production team was found. With the change of director, the failure of the series was calculated. Director Hakan İnan left and was replaced by Doğan Ümit Karaca, who proved his success in action series such as Payitaht Abdülhamid and Barbaroslar Akdeniz'nin Kılıçı.

How much the director change will affect the series will be revealed in the coming episodes. But to viewers, the problem lies in the script.

Some fans of the series find the script very good and make shares that draw attention to the fact that the story of each character is deep. However, some series fans share messages stating that they are confused and have difficulty following the series.

There are also those who think that some of Özge Gürel's gestures and movements in the series do not go to the action story, but act as if she were in a romantic comedy series.

As a result, the efforts for the Sipahi series are great and the target is big. However, the rating results obtained are not satisfactory. The contribution of the director change to the series will be limited, but it must be admitted that the criticism that he copied the Guild series was the point that caused the greatest damage to the series.

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