Tacsiz Prenses Episode 2 The surprise scene of Evgin and Yagmur

Tacsiz Prenses Episode 2 English Subtitle

Tacsiz Prenses Episode 2 With English Subtitle
Tacsiz Prenses Episode 2 The surprise scene

Tacsiz Prenses Episode 2 English Subtitle Release Date

The surprise scene of Evgin and Yagmur in the series Tacsiz Prenses

The second episode of the drama series Uncrowned Princess, the first episode of which was broadcast on Fox TV screens last week and attracted attention, will be on the screen on Tuesday, January 17. The series, which brings together the duo of İsmail Hacıoğlu and Sümeyye Aydoğan in the lead role, has an emotional story and reveals its difference with its promising promise.

Details of what will happen in the second episode of Tacsiz Prenses series have also emerged. Masal, who starts to live next to his uncle Şahin, tries to face the torture and arrows of his loveless sister-in-law Zehra and mischief cousin Hilal.

But it won't be easy, because Masal is sure that a monster is lurking in his uncle's family. On the other hand, Evgin and Yağmur, who are at an impasse before their relationship even begins, have an unexpected opportunity to reconcile.

Ishtar presses Joy mercilessly to control Rain. And eventually, the monster lurking in Şahin's house will turn out to be an unexpected one.

Tolga Tekin will give the biggest surprise to the viewers in the Tacsiz Prenses series!

Tacsiz Prenses, which airs on Tuesday nights on Fox TV, began last week and the second episode will air on the evening of January 17. The series stars İsmail Hacıoğlu and Sümeyye Aydoğan, as well as Tolga Tekin. The famous actor has been on the sets since 2004 and is known for his successful portrayal of many different characters.

The actor, who has appeared in many different productions such as Grand Bazaar, Magnificent Century, Shattered, One Liter of Tears, Akıncı and Dünya Hali, is considered one of the most influential male actors in terms of believability.

The character of Fuat in the Tacsiz Prenses series also has an important place in the story, and the character, who at first the audience will recognize as a bad person, will change in a very different direction in the story.

Tolga Tekin is one of the names that will surprise the viewers the most in the later episodes of the series. Why?

Tolga Tekin explained his role with the following words: "I give life to the character of Fuat. Our audience will find Fuat a little antipathetic at first. A dark man, a man with many dark sides. He's a crook, an addict, a gambler, and a man who doesn't treat the people around him well."

The character of Fuat will experience very important changes in the following sections. You will see a character who will swim in grays, not black or white. For this reason, Tolga Tekin stands out as one of the most influential names in the series.

The famous actor gave the following information about the transformation of the character: "Our audience will see how the angel turns into a demon over time. He was the one who attracted me in the character of Fuat. There is no white and black, Fuat will swim in grays. Because he has great traumas in his past. This hatred of life, this fight against people is related to an incident he experienced in the past."

The famous actress, who explained that a sense of excitement filled her when she read the script of the Uncrowned Princess series, stated that the series was a harsh and frightening fairy tale for adults.

According to the actor, the Uncrowned Princess series is a harsh tale for the grown-ups and each character will have traumas in itself, which will make it easier for the series to attract attention.

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