Veda Mektubu The story cast and all the details

Veda Mektubu The story cast and all the details

Veda Mektubu The story cast and all the details
Veda Mektubu The story cast and all the details

Veda Mektubu The story cast and all the details

The actors of Kanal D's new series Farewell Letter have been announced... The show's slogan is "A true love story powered by hope..." statements attract attention.

The strong cast of Kanal D's new series Veda Mektubu, which is already intriguing, produced by Most Production and produced by Gül Oğuz, has been announced.

In the Farewell Letter starring Nurgül Yeşilçay, Selim Bayraktar, Rabia Soytürk, Emre Kıvılcım and Bennu Yıldırımlar, Hakan Karsak, Ümmü Putgül, Elif Çakman, Hazar Motan, Deniz Altan, Asya Kasap, Hande Eleman, Kerem Alp Kabul and Elif Uslusoy play important roles.

Deniz Çelebi Dikilitaş sat in the director's chair of the Farewell Letter, which will start shooting in Istanbul in January, while Gamestory wrote the story and Deniz Akçay wrote the script.

The series will bring to the screen the reckoning that will develop over the children of lovers who broke up because of a letter years ago.

With its impressive narration and ambitious cast, "Farewell Letter" will soon be on Kanal D...

The cast and characters of Kanal D's new series Farewell Letter are revealed!

Detay – Kanal D has been talking about ambitious projects in recent years! The channel, which had been unlucky about the series for a while, started to return to its old days with its highly talked about and highly rated series for a few years. Among the most talked about series of the channel at the moment are The Girl in the Glass, The Judgment, Three Sisters, That Girl. Preparations for the new series are continuing.

At the beginning of the ambitious productions that stand out among these series is the series called Farewell Letter! The cast of the series, which will be shot by Most Productions, is also taking shape. In the past days, some names have come to the forefront. Especially the fans who heard that Rabia Soytürk, one of the young generation actors of the last period, would also take part in the series, started to wait with curiosity what kind of role she would return to the screen!

Soytürk was starring in Duy Beni, which started as Star TV's summer series. He was very much loved for his character of October. The series had the opportunity to continue in the season, but when the ratings could not meet expectations, it made the finale. Rabia Soytürk, the prominent name of the series, has gained a large fan base and is preparing to return with the new series Farewell Letter!

Fans of Rabia Soytürk were curious about the actor's role in the series. Soytürk, who has started to take dance lessons for his new role, will play a character named Aslı Yıldız in the series codenamed Farewell Letter. The fact that the actor, who will surprise his fans, took dance lessons increased the curiosity about his character!

One of the young actors of the series is Emre Kıvılcım. We last saw the actor in the character of İrfan in the series Üç Kız Kardeşler. The role of Kıvılcım, who first appeared before the audience in 2014, is not yet clear. The other actors of the series, Bennu Yıldırımlar and Sina Koloğlu, also came up as ambitious names of the ambitious production.

The surprise name of the new series, known as the Farewell Letter, was Nurgül Yeşilçay! TV Writer and Critic Sina Koloğlu first announced on social media that Yeşilçay's name was also mentioned in the series. Koloğlu informed that a new name was included in the series and that this person was most likely Yeşilçay. In the following process, it became clear that Yeşilçay was included in the squad!

Nurgül Yeşilçay, who has already excited her fans with her return to the screens, starred with Rabia Soytürk in the series Gülperi, which was broadcast in the 2018-2019 season and lasted 30 episodes. In a beautiful coincidence, two players meet again.

The series of letters tells the story of a young woman who does not know what true love and affection is until she meets Mehmet. Nurgül Yeşilçay will give life to a character named Alanur in the series. The actress returns to the screen after 5 episodes of Fox TV's series Until My Last Breath! Veda Mektubu Episode 1 English Subtitles

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