Yali Capkini Episode 17 English Subtitles Release Date

Yali Capkini Episode 17 English Subtitles Release Date

Yali Capkini Episode 17 English
Yali Capkini Episode 17 English

Yali Capkini Episode 17 English Subtitles Release Date

"Yalı Çapkını" will be on Star on Friday, January 13, 2023 with its new episode

We Will Watch The Tale Of The Prince With The Prince | Yali Capkini Episode 17 English

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This Splint is one of the stickiest characters I've ever seen. Why was there a need to get up and come to Gaziantep? Are you afraid that the man will forget you when he doesn't see you for three days? And doesn't he even lie about what he eats? What will the mortar go out when you eat that lahmacun? I don't like people who try to look different than I am. Even if I were Pelin, I wouldn't want to be the secret lover of a man who is married to someone else even on your door. Even if I die of love, my pride comes first. Wormwood is also a beautiful girl, fifty if she shakes her hand, but unfortunately she is an obsessive type.

Ferit is also a separate animal. Even if Pelin comes to her when one is getting married, one does not experience anything with her, shame on you. Even Pelin shaved the groom, I said yuh. Okay, you may not want the marriage, but let the girl in front of you have "somewhat" respect. But it's unknown that you respect even your grandfather. What Ferit was going to do was to send Pelin back to Istanbul on the first plane. But what did ours do, he brought his lover into the bride-groom's room prepared for him with his officially wedded wife. This Ferit obviously understood his mother's advice, "Be outspoken to your wife throughout your life." 

Even if he tells Seyran about Wormwood, that is, that he is actually having an affair, what is it to bring him to the gerdek room? So now you think you're going to upset Seyran by showing her Wormwood? How can you upset Seyran more from now on? Seyran doesn't get upset, he just sees your lack of character and gets cold if he can warm you up. No, what woman really makes friends with the love of the man she is married to out of formality? I can't imagine what brainless husband and lover might seriously think about this.

Oh my dear Suna... What a beautiful sister you are... You didn't turn your back on your sister thinking that she had taken away her fortune, you didn't fill your heart with poison instead of love, on the contrary, you didn't always be there for her and withhold her support. I kiss your beautiful heart. Seyran is very lucky to have an older sister like you. If you were an enemy to him instead of being by his side, everything would have been much more difficult for Seyran in these most difficult days of his life. But you shed your tears in his presence, striving for the best of Seyran's special day. You even gave the wedding dress you dreamed of wearing for years to your brother with your own hands. As Seyran's wedding was being slaughtered and he was leaving the house, I cried to the blood or I wanted to come and wipe away your tears. I believe that you are not a man like Ferit who will upset you and not care; you will fall in love with a man who loves you from the heart. Beril Pozam it is good that you have become Suna, you reflect Suna's feelings so accurately that you have been amazing you for two weeks.

I understood that there was a love between Hattuç and Halis in the past from Hattuç's gaze in the first part. In this episode, this was confirmed with the flashback scene. So what happened that this love ended? Since Hattuç did not marry anyone, he must have always kept Halis in his heart. When Halis loved Hattuç, did his family go and ask him for another girl? I actually wonder how Hattuç, who does not want to marry anyone, is not opposed by his family. How was Hattuç recognized when Seyran was not given the right to speak as a young girl even today?

Hattuç gave Seyran the necklace that Halis had given him as a gift at the time. That is to say, they did not have a bad separation with Halis, and if Halis sees the necklace, he will not mistreat Seyran, whom he thinks is his precious, but on the contrary, he will protect and protect him. However, I don't think you even need a necklace for this, and Halis will love this diamond-like girl like Gülgün and Orhan.

I hated Hattuç in the first episode, and I still haven't resented him, but in the two scenes where he talks to Seyran this week, I felt like there was a crumb of compassion in him that he didn't show anywhere. If you were like that, Kazim was secretly protecting and watching over these girls even if you didn't speak out in his presence?  However, I never agree with Hattuç on one issue, Kazim neither loves his daughters nor wants them to be happy. She only cares about her own happiness through her daughters. In other words, Kazim does not include the generalization "Every father wants his daughters to be happy." Let his fatherhood sink! The only decent thing he did was that he raised Seyran and Suna with private tutors.

It was sad to see Çetin Tekindor in only one scene in this episode. However, with a single scene, a single poem he read, and that tone of voice, the great master managed to enchant me. The poem "Toz Duman", which he read at the end of the lines he wrote for Ferit, made me say that Halis is still hiding Hattuç's love somewhere in his heart. Theirs is an unfinished love and this unfinished love will be completed thanks to Seyfer's marriage. It's obvious that they can't see each other again and resist their feelings. But there will be those who want to put stones in this love, especially Iama. As far as I understand, Halis is writing his memoirs, and I think we will see these writings become a book in the finale of the series.

It was clear that Ifak would somehow react to the request for Seyran instead of Suna without informing him. His first act was to send Orhan to Gülgün without experiencing anything from his own room. I don't think there was a love in the history of this relationship before both marriages, there is no sentimentality in this disgusting relationship between them. It seemed to me that Iama had seduced Orhan in order to have a say in the ladyship of the house and in the future inheritance after her husband died. He tries to impress Halis for the same reason. I won't be surprised if he doesn't like Seyran and treats him well just to go wrong with Gülgün. Before we forget, could it be that Ferit knows about his relationship with his father because he does not like İfakat? It would be a more effective reason than the fact that he is too involved in everything.

I never think that the Sultan had a relationship with Ferit. But I'm also sure he doesn't have a mother. Does his mother go and look at the man's carrot frosts sadly? Sultan is now in a platonic love mood for Ferit. I guess he was impressed by seeing her naked or something. However, I don't think his younger son is from Ferit after an affair during a drunkenness. If the Sultan were a little older, this would not be conspicuous, but it would be so disgusting.

We learned that Kazim wanted a house from the Korhans. We witnessed that Esme also had pain in her stomach. Most likely, this Kazim will sell all his fields in a few sections and settle in the house he wants, either with some savings or without penniless. Asma will either have a serious illness or become pregnant with a male baby years later. I liked that Kazim said "Are you Covid?" on the pain that entered Esma, and that at least his name was mentioned on a current issue. I wish Kazim hadn't been haunting us with the intention of coming to Istanbul, but I also want Suna and Esme to come to Istanbul for Seyran so that they would suffer less foreignness there.

Yali Çapkini presents an originally clichéd subject with such a beautiful narrative that it was impossible not to like this week's episode. When the couple harmony was added, I was completely pleased with what I watched. I said that I liked the direction very much, Burcu Alptekin is a very successful director who knows where to present which angles in which scene and where and who is very successful in casting. Finally, I would like to congratulate Güldiyar Tanrıdağlı who made the music of the series. I hope that the soundtrack album of the series will be released as soon as possible and we will listen to this beautiful music.

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