Yali Capkini Episode 18 English Subtitles Release Date

Yali Capkini Episode 18 English Subtitles Release Date

Yali Capkini Episode 18 English Subtitles
Yali Capkini Episode 18 English Subtitles

Yali Capkini Episode 18 English Subtitles Release Date

Episode 17 of the series Yali Capkini has ended, and everyone is waiting for the trailer to come down, but the channel no longer publishes the trailer after the end of the episode, but publishes it every Monday, wait for Monday for the release of the trailer 1 of episode 18 of the series Yali Capkini,Yali Capkini Episode 18 english Subtitles Monday 16th January 2023

Who are Yali Capkini Seyran and Ferit? Whose story is the Yali Womanizer, what is the story like in reality?

The true story of Yali Capkini 18 began to be intensively researched this week, as it is every week. One wonders who the family members in the series, which is based on a true story by Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu, really are. The series tells the events of a girl who is married to a young person unknown to the family despite being the daughter of an important family in Antep and comes to Istanbul as a bride. So, whose story is the Yali Womanizer, what is the story like in reality? Who are Yalı Çapkunu Seyran and Ferit?


It is not known which family the Koroğlu family in Yali Capkini 18 english. The information about who the characters of Ferit and Seyran really are was not shared. The Yali Capkini series is not based on a book, but on the story of a client of Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu. The real owners of the story are not shared within the framework of ethical rules.


Who is Seyran? Afra Saraçoğlu: The younger daughter of Kazım and Esme. Like her older sister, she is one of the young girls of Ayntab. She is at least as beautiful and educated as her older sister. He dreams of reading and standing on his own two feet. She is a girl who is compassionate, full of love, but can also become aggressive when necessary. With his stubbornness and determination, he never stops fighting to take control of his own life.

Who is Ferit?- Mert Ramazan Demir: Grandson of Halis Ağa, younger son of Orhan and Gülgün. Ferit is diabetic. Due to both his illness and the fact that he was the young son of the house, he was pampered a lot from childhood and most of his requests were said yes. Since he studied abroad at the university, he could not internalize the rules of the family too much. It is in conflict with these rules. She is handsome, flighty, crazy, playful and flirtatious, but she has never fallen in love yet.

Halis Ağa - Çetin Tekindor: The head of the Korhan family. Ferit's grandfather. While he was one of the best simple craftsmen of the country, he withdrew due to the diseases of old age and handed over the works to his son Orhan. Nevertheless, Halis Ağa still makes all the important decisions. He is an authoritarian, prescriptive, tough-tempered man. While challenging her own body by trying to embroider jewelry in her room, she reveals her inner reckonings with the diaries she keeps.

Hattuç - Şerif Sezer: She is Kazım's aunt. Esme, Suna and Seyran also address her as Hala (Aunt). She is a woman of authority, harsh temperament. At the time, she was one of Ayntab's daughters, but her father did not marry her to anyone. He was subjected to both psychological and physical violence until his father died and internalized this violence. That's why he supports Kazim's harsh attitude towards his daughters.

İama - Gülçin Şantırcıoğlu: The widowed bride of the Korhan family. At a very young age, Halis Ağa saw fit and came to the mansion as a bride. In her early twenties, she lost both her husband and her baby in her womb as a result of a car accident. On top of that, her mother-in-law's heart could not bear what happened and the family suffered one bitter loss after another. Halis Ağa bandaged the wounds of İfakat, whom he saw as the trust of his son, and positioned him as the wife of the mansion. However, he considers the interests of the family to be more important than anything and everyone. There is no limit to what you can do to prevent a stain on your surname Korhan.

Orhan - Emre Altug: Son of Halis Ağa. Father of Ferit and Fuat. Orhan is a successful businessman, but Halis Ağa's talent has not passed to him. Therefore, no matter how successful he was in his business, he could not please his father. Although he gave his sons more freedom than was granted to him, all he asked of them was not to put his head down against Halis Ağa. At the request of his father, he married Gülgün without knowing her. His feeling for his wife was not love, but love and acceptance. He is a compassionate man, understanding, and spiritually alone.

Gülgün - Gözde Kansu: Orhan's wife, Ferit and Fuat's mother. She was born into a middle-class family. While studying architecture at the university, Halis Ağa's son Orhan was deemed suitable and as a result of his acceptance, he agreed to marry Orhan without knowing him and left the school. Over time, she developed herself a lot and assumed the role of the showcase bride of the family. Gülgün is a woman who avoids facing the events that happen and who can continue her life by choosing to ignore it no matter what.

Abidin - Ersin Arıcı: Ferit's bodyguard and driver. However, there are more brother-sister relationships between them. His father died when he was a child, and his mother remarried. As a result of his stepfather's refusal to want him, he left school as a child and came to Istanbul and worked in many jobs, most of which were uncanny. After years have passed, one night he saves Orhan's life by chance and has been working in the mansion ever since. He is distrustful of women because of his relationship with his mother.

Suna - Beril Pozam: Kazim and Esme's eldest daughter. She is one of the finger-pointing young girls of Ayntab. It is both more educated and beautiful than the environment. His dream is to build a happy home and get rid of the mansion where he lives. He loves his brother and his mother very much. He is capable of risking anything for both.

Fuat - Doğukan Polat: The eldest son of Yalı, he is Ferit's older brother. He is a sane, responsible and hardworking person. Unlike Ferit, he did not make a fuss even once, he worked hard to meet the expectations of him. He has always left his own wishes and desires in the background. Although he and his wife Asuman met through an arranged manner, they fell in love with each other and got married. He wants to be a father very much. But he has not yet had children.

Sultan - İrem Altug: She is one of the servants of the mansion. Ibrahim's wife, mother of Tigris and Euphrates. She is a charming and shy woman. He is a secondary school graduate. She is a good, loving mother. If they feel that their child or family is at risk, there is no limit to what they can do. He is very adept at manipulating people.

Asuman - Öznur Serçeler: Fuat's wife. She is the daughter of a respectable family. She is a kind-hearted, emotional woman. He is a foreign trade graduate, but he has never worked. Her relationship with Fuat, which started in an arranged manner, turned into a love marriage. The only problem with their marriage is that Asuman has not yet been able to have children. Although this is not a very important problem for Asuman, he has become increasingly isolated due to the attitudes of those around him.

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